Valentines Day Inebration

On Valentines Day I joined Ian on a trip out to Greenpoint to check out a show at the Matchless Bar. The event titled ‘Valentines Day Inebration’ was a nice break from the regular Valentines Day atmosphere. In lieu of my thesis, I’ve been working on making it out to different shows to study our particular demographic and their culture. While a work in progress, the thesis is a holistic study of the transient community, their culture, and their historical presence in NYC. I’m particularly interested in studying the transient community in regard to the music typically associated with their culture.

Yet, with the plethora of sub-genres of punk and metal its hard to pigeon-hole a defining sub-genre as inherently “transient.” As someone pretty naïve to the scene, I had thought of Crust Punk as a cornerstone of the whole Crustie population, and therefore the transient population. The show we attended was pretty metal, and didn’t have much of the political aspects intrinsic to Crust punk. Bands in attendance included The Mortals, an all girls thrash metal band, Florida natives the Fatals, NYC locals Wizandry, and The Trowels from Philly. The bands presented a pretty heavy metal sound in the small show room that was well attended.

It definitely proved to be quite an interesting event. Ian was actually able to get me an interview with a member from the 90’s punk band L.E.S. Stitches that definitely helped provide context to the whole scene. As I continue to work on the thesis I’m sure to give more updates. Check out some of the bands websites below and stay posted!


The Trowels