Birth Certificate Saga

The Space is offering an identification replacement service to individuals who have lost, or are not in possession of, their legal documents. We never thought the replacement process would be easy, but I also didn’t expect to meet so many barriers. It has gotten so exacerbating that I actually said to an Indiana Department of Health worker “I promise he was born, he is sitting next to me,” which did nothing to improve the situation.

The lessons taken away from trying to replace government identification:
1) It’s incredibly difficult and having these documents is often taken for granted
2) Everyone needs a birth certificate as a starting point to obtain a New York State ID
3) Everyone also needs a social security card, but if you’ve had a social security number, it’s a bit easier to replace

In September we received: 1 social security card (after two attempts), a Florida State ID, an Indiana Birth Certificate, and two NYS IDs are in the mail from the DMV.  With that said, we are still plugging along, and if anyone you know needs a replacement ID, I (we) will happily fight through the bureaucracy along with you.