System Navigation Services

We also provide assistance to clients navigating benefit and government services. People do not utilize service providers appropriately because the process itself is daunting. We advocate for each individual through every step of the process so that they are not discouraged or turned away.

New York State Identification

  • Retrieve birth certificate from birth state Department of Health
  • Apply for Social Security card
  • Act on behalf of individual at the Department of Motor Vehicles to act as additional proof of identity

Food Stamps

  • Escort individuals to the food stamp office and stay with them for the duration of the process
  • Act on behalf of the individual as additional proof of identity if they are unable to provide sufficient proof for the application


  • Enroll individuals in Medicaid directly through a provider to avoid trips to the Medicaid office
  • Pending applications allow people to enroll in methadone maintenance programs and backdate any medical services they require until acceptance goes through

Outpatient Treatment or Inpatient Detox

  • We work to find a bed at an inpatient detox program or assist individuals with outpatient treatment programs

Methadone Maintenance

  • Find the appropriate clinic for the individual
  • Work with methadone case managers to ensure that the person is receiving the appropriate dosage and services from


  • enroll individuals in medicaid and then assist in finding a suboxone doctor or appropriate program

Pregnancy care & Family Planning

  • enroll eligible woman in appropriate prenatal program through one of the city hospitals, escort her to appointments and provide follow-up support throughout pregnancy and after the child is born.