Boot Rot

If you ever pulled off your socks and notice the cracking skin of your feet and dismissed it as athlete’s foot, think again. Some of the same

warning signs:

  • Instead of a rash that builds up skin, boot rot tears down the skin
  • It is caused by a fungus in the same category as botulism, tetanus and gas gangrene and it loves moist feet
  • Middle stage: small bumps appear, they are dark in color, and are accompanied by red skin
  • Might notice a rotting smell due to the fact that your feet are rotting
  • Late stages looks like gas gangrene and may spread to other parts of the body if not treated


  • Most important part if you pulled your socks off your feet and they crack, you are at risk.
  • First rule is to change your socks regularly. Wear white cotton socks, cotton socks soak up the sweat and breathe much better than man-made fibers, socks with reinforced toes and heels are a plus.
  • Make sure your feet get an hour a day bare
  • Every traveler should get some hand sanitizer once a day, more for hot climates, and slab a generous amount in between toes. It is a simple antibacterial product that also dries out your feet
  • Bonus: hand sanitizer can prevent athlete’s foot, boot rot, staph, and a host of other fungus and bacteria that loves feet
  • Jungle boots are a light weight breathable boot sold in most surplus stores and range from $40-200, they are created specifically to keep jungle rot from infecting soldiers
  • Boot rot is highly infectious


If your skin on your feet is cracking, you may be able to cure it yourself (suggest seeing a doctor though if you are at middle or late stages)
If you go to a doctor, a topical antibiotic anti-fungal cream will mostly be prescribed.

Home remedies:

30 minutes of water than 30 minutes of sun back and forth (it will take a few days to notice improvements)