Cats are not as common of a traveling companion as dogs but they are out there. Many of the information on issues like hypothermia and frostbite in this zine are also relative to cats. Cats are less likely to be leash trained then dogs. And many don’t like it. But leashing them is a good idea even though it isn’t a law because a sudden loud noise can freak a cat out and turn him or her into a ball of teeth and nails with one goal in mind- GTFO.

One advantage of cats over dogs is they are easy to carry. Many animal rescue groups get carriers donated all the time and may be willing to give the cat owner one. The soft carriers, especially fancier ones, can allow you to bring your cat in almost anywhere.

Other than the requirement that cats be vaccinated against rabies, cats are much less likely to cause problems with cops, or be used as an excuse to harass you.