The Space at Tompkins is fortunate to have a stable, dedicated team that guides our inventive, collaborative mission-centered approach.

Andréa Stella M.P.H., Executive Director
Andréa Stella founded The Space at Tompkins in 2009 after working in the harm reduction field for two years. She identified key issues facing the transient homeless community. By opening up a dialogue with some of the participants she assisted, they were able to work together to identify gaps in the social-service offerings for this specific group. Stella attributes all successes within the organization to the incredible group of people within and outside the organization who have tirelessly dedicated their time to create and strengthen the resources that are available to this community.

Lisa Barczak, Outreach Consultant
Lisa Barczak is the eyes and ears of this organization maintaining one-to-one communications with the community we serve. Her regular work in the field is an indispensible source of information on the changing landscape of the homeless men and women we assist. Her duties include outreach and resource distribution, as well as intelligence gathering. Her relationship with this community has provided an indispensible level of goodwill, trust and cooperation from those we seek to assist.

James Thacher, Development and Communication
James Thacher is a graphic and web designer who helps organization develop and strengthen TSAT’s voice in the community. He has been intimately involved with The Space since its inception. By developing new and creative ways to spread the word about the organization, helping to develop website, and materials, along with designing our informational pamphlets, he has created the Space’s voice to the public.

Kathryn Villaverde, Director Community Relations
Kathryn Villaverde is currently finishing up a BS in Applied Psychology at New York University. Through her recent internship at a Lower East Side AIDS nursing home, she has become more aware of the NYC’s marginalized communities and the importance of using harm reduction to not only improve lives, but to even sometimes save lives.

Francesca Kennedy, Animal Program Manager
Francesca Kennedy has a background in animal rescue and care and so is putting her love for animals to good use by starting a pet program focusing on connecting homeless pet owners with free services throughout the city.


Chance Krempasky, CNP, Harm Reduction Consultant




Spyro Poulos, Marketing and Communications Specialist