Good Samaritan 911 Law In Effect Today

Yesterday I stood at the steps of City Hall with some members from VOCAL, for a press conference about the new Good Samaritan Law.  The law has finally passed and it gives individuals who witness someone overdosing, amnesty from prosecution if they call 911.  Since overdose has now surpassed car accidents in the state of New York as the number one cause of accidental death, this law cannot be more timely.  People used to debate on whether or not to call 911 and stay with someone who is overdosing, for the real fear of their own impending arrest once emergency crews arrived on the scene.  Now we can put the fear of prosecution to rest, and hopefully more individuals will stand up and call for help, and in turn save lives of people who overdose.  In the words of the VOCAL chant yesterday: Save a life, be the one, Good Samaritan 911.


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