“Crusties” Back in Tompkins . . .

So as an outreach worker and someone that lives in alphabet city I frequent Tompkins Square Park quite often. And to my surprise and disappointment the park has been pretty much void of all things dirty this summer. And by that I mean the traveling community that I used to be a part of. In the past Tompkins was the meeting ground for these “kids” as I call them even though many reach into the high twenties and thirties age group. But as many have already noticed or at least read about, this year was different. We have been having to actually search for people to service instead of just sitting in the park as in past years. However, as we had suspected many “kids” have returned to Tompkins and can be seen in the grassy area of the park now instead of in “Crusty Row” the line of benches they used to sit in. Even though it is nowhere near as many as it used to be, it is really nice to see some friendly faces back in Tompkins for the summer.

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