There were so many bands there i thought it’d be hard to choose favorites, but Wombat In Combat took the prize for best Listening experience, best mosh pit, and of course coolest band name of all time!

Steph and I went with Lisa and a couple other of our peeps, here’s our crew on the ferry:

And Lisa, Steph and I moshing:

Its now 2 days later, and my body is still KILLING me from moshing too long/hard/whatever. Interesting story: the girl in the left in this photo kept egging me on to hit her harder and harder, then after the song i ran to the porta-potty to pee and she came in the door right after me and stuck her tongue down my throat! :P

A great time was had by all. And by the way, all the crusty-punks that are mysteriously missing from tompkins lately? Here they are!


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